Melville: Friday, April 13th & Saturday, April 14th



Another Full of SurpriZes Sale for you. Items include:

  • Dining Room Table with Eight Chairs,
  • Young Chang Shiny Black Baby Grand Piano Model: G157
  • Marching Handmade Rugs
  • Country French Kitchen Set with 6 Chairs
  • Country Wooden Hutch
  • Decorative Items including Nice Sized Lladros
  • Loads and Loads of Kitchenware and Serving Pieces
  • Quality Costume Jewelry: Some are Antique Pins
  • 2 Louis Vuitton Quality Handbags, Gucci, and Assorted other Pretty & Fun Handbags Perfect for the Spring
  • Charles P Rogers King and Queen Headboard/Footboard and Mattresses
  • Crib, Bumpers, Bedding, Baby Toys, Tents, Doll Strollers, Perego High Chair & Changing Table
  • Kids Cars Including Electric BMW
  • Baby Carriage
  • Mcknight Litho
  • Large Perez Oil Painting
  • Mckensie Childs
  • Fabulous Antique Kitchen Scale
  • TVs
  • Chinese Bombay Dresser and Pair Contemporary Black Lamps
  • Games
  • Women’s Clothes and Designer Shoes
  • French Provincial Dresser and Night Stand
  • Pair CB Chrome Night Stands/Side Tables
  • Cow Girl Boots, Jackets, Lots of Clothing and Luggage
  • Fridge/Freezer made for Garage Temperature
  • Set of Golf Clubs 


Click on image to enlarge and view photo gallery. You may scroll back and forth between photos by clicking on right or left edge of photo (arrow will appear).

IMG_2164 (800x533).jpgIMG_2165 (800x533).jpgIMG_2167 (533x800).jpgIMG_2168 (533x800).jpgIMG_2169 (800x533).jpgIMG_2170 (533x800).jpgIMG_2171 (800x533).jpgIMG_2172 (800x533).jpgIMG_2173 (800x533).jpgIMG_2174 (533x800).jpgIMG_2175 (800x533).jpgIMG_2176 (800x533).jpgIMG_2177 (800x533).jpgIMG_2178 (533x800).jpgIMG_2179 (800x533).jpgIMG_2180 (533x800).jpgIMG_2181 (800x533).jpgIMG_2182 (800x533).jpgIMG_2183 (533x800).jpgIMG_2184 (800x533).jpgIMG_2185 (533x800).jpgIMG_2186 (800x533).jpgIMG_2187 (800x533).jpgIMG_2188 (533x800).jpgIMG_2189 (800x533).jpgIMG_2190 (800x533).jpgIMG_2191 (800x533).jpgIMG_2192 (800x533).jpgIMG_2194 (533x800).jpgIMG_2195 (800x533).jpgIMG_2196 (800x533).jpgIMG_2198 (800x533).jpgIMG_2199 (800x533).jpgIMG_2200 (800x533).jpgIMG_2201 (800x533).jpgIMG_2202 (800x533).jpgIMG_2203 (800x533).jpgIMG_2204 (800x533).jpgIMG_2211 (800x533).jpgIMG_2212 (800x533).jpgIMG_2213 (533x800).jpgIMG_2214 (533x800).jpgIMG_2215 (800x533).jpgIMG_2216 (533x800).jpgIMG_2217 (533x800).jpgIMG_2218 (533x800).jpgIMG_2219 (800x533).jpgIMG_2220 (800x533).jpgIMG_2221 (800x533).jpgIMG_2223 (800x533).jpgIMG_2227 (533x800).jpgIMG_2228 (800x533).jpgIMG_2229 (800x533).jpgIMG_2230 (800x533).jpgIMG_2231 (533x800).jpgIMG_2232 (800x533).jpgIMG_2233 (533x800).jpgIMG_2235 (800x533).jpgIMG_2236 (800x533).jpgIMG_2237 (533x800).jpgIMG_2238 (800x533).jpgIMG_2239 (533x800).jpgIMG_2240 (800x533).jpgIMG_2241 (533x800).jpgIMG_2242 (800x533).jpgIMG_2243 (800x533).jpgIMG_2244 (533x800).jpgIMG_2245 (533x800).jpgIMG_2246 (533x800).jpgIMG_2247 (533x800).jpgIMG_2248 (800x533).jpgIMG_2249 (800x533).jpgIMG_2250 (533x800).jpgIMG_2251 (533x800).jpgIMG_2252 (800x533).jpgIMG_2253 (800x533).jpgIMG_2255 (800x533).jpgIMG_2256 (800x533).jpgIMG_2257 (533x800).jpgIMG_2258 (533x800).jpgIMG_2260 (800x533).jpgIMG_2261 (533x800).jpgIMG_2262 (800x533).jpgIMG_2263 (800x533).jpgIMG_2264 (533x800).jpgIMG_2265 (533x800).jpgIMG_2266 (533x800).jpgIMG_2268 (800x533).jpgIMG_2269 (800x533).jpgIMG_2271 (800x533).jpgIMG_2272 (800x533).jpgIMG_2273 (533x800).jpgIMG_2274 (533x800).jpgIMG_2277 (800x533).jpgIMG_2278 (533x800).jpgIMG_2281 (800x533).jpgIMG_2282 (533x800).jpgIMG_2283 (800x533).jpgIMG_2284 (533x800).jpgIMG_2285 (800x533).jpgIMG_2287 (800x533).jpgIMG_2288 (800x533).jpgIMG_2295 (800x533).jpgIMG_2298 (800x533).jpgIMG_2299 (533x800).jpgIMG_2300 (800x533).jpgIMG_2301 (533x800).jpgIMG_2302 (533x800).jpgIMG_2303 (800x533).jpgIMG_2304 (533x800).jpgIMG_2305 (533x800).jpgIMG_2306(800x533).jpgIMG_2329 (533x800).jpgIMG_2330 (800x533).jpg

Address and directions to follow as sale gets closer. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!


Let's have a great Tag Sale experience together: 

  • Do not come on to the property until the sales staff arrives and invites you to do so. 
  • Please keep the sound down when waiting outside in front of the house.
  • Also, please do not block neighbor's driveways. 


How the Sign-up Works: Signup sheet will be placed in a hot-pink bag by the mail box. Do Not Remove. Signup begins at 7 a.m. on the morning of the sale. Early birds! You must be there to sign in. Spouses and friends cannot sign your name for you. Please do not sign in prior to 7 a.m. This signup system allows all of you to have a fair chance to be first in the door. Once we open the doors, no further sign up is necessary for those coming later. Its first come, first serve!

We look forward to seeing you.