Below are some of the comments we've received from happy customers... and we have many, many more for your review 


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October 2018

Full of SurpriZes did a first-rate job! They were organized and really professional. Not only that, we made a really good profit!! I will recommend them to all of my friends!!

Lynn K. 

East Hills

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A Letter From One Of Our Followers:

September 2018

I know Madeline for several years and it has always been a pleasure doing business with her.  She is professional, very honest, and her husband and her staff run tag sales the way it should be done.  She is not only an expert in running her sales, but in determining the value of the items.  She is able to liquidate the contents of your home regardless of the amount.  She has a very large following of loyal customers over many years who regularly attend her sales, and she is known to be extremely fair whether you are a buyer or seller.  I highly recommend her.

Nancy S.



August 2018

Madeline and her team were able to put together our tag sale in record time. With a few days notice she posted our photos and in one day she sold the contents of the entire house. Well organized and calm she managed to keep everyone happy and attended to everyone’s needs. I cannot say enough about how well it turned out. A true professional!!

Kate C.

Lloyd Harbor

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August 2018

I just used this wonderful company for my Estate Sale and have only positive things to say about them. The owner Madeline was extremely responsive and professional. I felt extremely comfortable in her ability to price my household items and make sure everything was conducted fairly from both a homeowner and customer level. The sale was above success and everyone left happy. If you are looking for some great bargains or are a homeowner looking to sell, this is the company for you!

Janine D.


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August 2018

All we had to do was supply the contents and the rest was handled by Madeline and her fantastic crew!!
Thank you Madeline...
Debbie B.
Hewlett Neck
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Another Customer Comment 

August 2018

Customer Service, Quality, Other Staff was very helpful and friendly. Merchandise was lovely and priced right. I wish I had more room in my house to have bought more things!

From an Appreciative Customer

July 2018

Hi Madeline!  Thank you so much!  I would be interested in the small round table with 4 chairs.  However my husband may feel that we should get one of the larger round tables with 6 chairs.  I'll talk to him tonight when he gets home!  Thanks for getting back to me.  So nice...
FYI we've bought many things from you over the years.  You're a pleasure to deal with. 

June 2018

Madeline was very professional and is an expert in this very unpleasant task.  We could not have done it without her and her staff.  I highly recommend using Full of Surprises. 
Chloe F. 
Lloyd Harbor
Thank you Madeline!  We could not have done it without you.  You and your staff made the whole experience possible and pain free.
John F.
Lloyd Harbor 
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May 2018

Just want to say thank you so much again. I will be recommending you to all of my friends...and will be sure to tell my real estate broker about you. She’s one of the Top Brokers in East Hills, and I know she would appreciate knowing about your services for her clients!

Amy S.

Roslyn Heights

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April 2018

I'm so pleased to write a great review for " Full of SurpriZes Estate and Tag Sales "
Madeline and her husband Bob, simply GREAT PEOPLE
Madeline is extremely professional and walked me thought the process step by step to make sure I was completely comfortable .
It's nice to know there are still people that give individual service and are extremely knowledgeable in their craft.
Their staff are some of the hardest working and friendly people I have had the pleasure to know.
If you are considering having a sale I would highly recommend them, they are simply the best!
If I could I would give them a 10 star rating and I'm very difficult to please .
OUTstanding , well done

Thank you

Timothy M.


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April 2018


I cannot tell you how pleased Mavis and I were on the job you did for us at our tag sale.  The results of course speak for themselves, but your professionalism was beyond my expectations.  I would recommend you to anyone in a similar position, simply have them give me a call. 

I hope all is well. 

Best personal regards,

Russ K


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April 2018 (Huntington Sale 4/15)


I had to write and compliment you and Bob and your staff on the handling of such a huge undertaking at yesterday's tag sale.  I'm sure it wasn't easy dealing with the large crowd and the tremendous amount of goods that were being sold at the sale.  You all I'm sure worked very hard and I believe it paid off by the nice things I heard from others. 

One of your staff who really stood out to me was the young man at the front gate.  First of all, that was a brilliant way of letting people into the sale without having any fights or people trying to get in front of people who were in line.  The young man was very pleasant and courteous and nobody seemed to mind the wait, even with the cold and wind.  He gave updates on the numbers frequently so that people were able to judge about how long the wait would be and he generally had a pleasant manner that kept the crowd in check.   

I also think that the "shoppers" were much more courteous and respectful of one another than I've seen at other sales. People respected the "sold" signs that were placed on merchandise that people had picked out and I never heard anyone say "that's my stuff".   

I met a woman who was in front of me at Friday's sale and we were chatting while on line waiting to enter.  After I left the sale in Huntington we went to another sale not far away.  At that next sale I met the same woman and I asked if she had been to your sale.  She said no but was planning to go.  She asked me how the sale was and I proceeded to tell her. There was a man standing nearby and he joined our conversation adding his two cents about your sale.  Before we knew it we had a small audience of people wanting to know all about the sale.  All said that your sale would be their next stop. 

All in all, I'm happy with my purchases, the fair prices for the merchandise I got and it was a good day.  

Please feel free to share this testimonial in any way you choose. 


Jayne & Raymond

 March 2018

Amazing professional experience. I highly recommend!

Gerald F.

Little Neck

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March 2018

Madeline and Bob worked extremely hard to make our sale a success! The staff were very knowledgeable and friendly and worked together like a well oiled machine! I strongly recommend them! 

Dr. Jeffery S.

Dix Hills


March 2018

I've been going to tag sales and estate sales for a few years now and have found Full of Surprises to be the best company out there. They seem to always have the best houses in the best neighborhoods. Madeline and the rest of the crew are extremely helpful and very pleasant to deal with. From a well-organized website to The last details at the sale itself they are extremely organized. Everything is clearly marked with suggested sale prices but there always seems to be a bit of wiggle room for bargaining.
I attended a sale in Woodbury after seeing a photo of a fireplace tool set that I was interested in. When I got to the sale there was a "not for sale" sign on it. I mentioned this to Madeline and she must have seen the disappointment on my face. She immediately offered to call the owner to see if anything could be done. After a few minutes on the phone with the owner I was happily walking out with a reasonably priced purchase. This is the type of customer service and caring that you can expect from this group. It's also the reason why I am on their email list and a repeat customer.

Janet R.

March 2018

I highly recommend Full of Surprises as I have attended lots of their sales and found this company to be the best in the industry. Madeline, her husband and staff are very friendly and run a well organized sale. Their sales are always of the best quality

Anytime you go to a sale run by Full of Surprises you can expect to be treated professionally and fairly In my opinion, the best estate sale experience ever , they make you feel like a valued customer and not an intruder. 

Kudos Full of Surprises keep up the great work.

John M.

February 2018

I’d like to say few words about” Full of Surprises” Tag Sale Company:
I know them more than 7 years and still prefer to go to their sale than to other tag companies.
All these years Madeline always choose the best estate houses with very interesting items.
Items are well organized, displayed and marked with reasonable prices.
Madeline personally works with each client with respect and patience.
Her team: Bob, Kathi, Lillian and others are very knowledgeable and friendly.
I was always been able to find some treasures for my collection, quality household items or designers items for myself.
I Highly recommend “Full of surprises” to everyone, who wants to have great experience to buy at estate sales.

Anna B.

January 2018

I highly recommend Madeline and her team. They were professional, organized, friendly, and proficient from the beginning of the tag sale until the end, supporting  me with  suggestions every step of the way.  :)
Jeanine A.
Lloyd Harbor
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January 2018

We were so happy with the results of our tag sale this week. But the most important thing that I'd like to say is that we were so impressed by how kind and honest you were. Thank you for everything.

Mary Y

Old Westbury


December 2017

My husband and I had a tag sale in December with Full of SurpriZes. We had very difficult circumstances to deal with at the time. Madeline and her staff were gracious and supportive besides being excellent at the job at hand. Our tag sale was handled with professionalism and great organizational experience. We were very pleased with the results. My husband and I recommend them highly. They are the best!

Lisa A.

Dix Hills

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December 2017

We were very pleased with all aspects of working with Full of Suprizes. The process was easy and transparent. The staff was amazing and results exceeded expectations. Highly recommended and would definitely use again.  

Abe W.


December 2017

From the moment I made my first phone call to Madeline to discuss the possibility of having her and her company run an estate sale in my home I dealt with true professionalism, honesty and fairness. Madeline and all her staff represent the values that we view as good moral character and true business professionals. Her staff did everything from set up to clean up and everything in between. They were professional, friendly and helpful. Most importantly they all were sensitive to the fact that even though my family was departing our home it was still “ours” and handled everything with kid gloves and true sensitivity. I have already referred Madeline and her team to several friends. Needless to say, I highly recommend full of surprises and if needed I look forward to working with them again. 

Elise & Tim G

Old Westbury

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December 2017

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all you did.  Moving is so stressful and thinking of letting go of your personal belongings is not easy.  You made the entire process so much easier.  You and your staff were extremely organized and professional.  It was one less thing for me to be concerned with.  Full of Suprizes came in and set everything up and then conducted the sale without needing my involvement.  Madeline was exceptionally professional and composed.  She didn't get flustered even when dealing with a very nasty neighbor.  I was very impressed at how smoothly the sale and moving of sold items went.  I would definitely recommend Madeline and her company to anyone going through a move!!!!!

Dana K.


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November 2017

Hi Madeline,

I just wanted to say thank you for doing an amazing job ! You and your team were great and professional in every aspect of the sale. I was very impressed with the prices you were able to get from our estate sale and how you got the house ready and how organized you were. It was a pleasure working with you and most definitely would recommend your company to anyone who is looking to do an estate sale! Once again thanks. 

Best Regards,

Rebecca H.

Kings Point

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November 2017

Full Of Surprises did an impressive job running the tag sale in our house in Brooklyn, NY.  Madeline Winn showed great expertise advertising the sale to the market, organizing and displaying the contents of our home, recognizing and evaluating what items could be sold (and at what price), and negotiating with customers.  She brought a well-qualified crew to set up and assist with the sale, and worked even after the sale had officially ended, making phone calls and closing more sales.  Madeline is hard working, honest and highly responsive.  We are confident that Full Of SurpriZes did everything possible to make the tag sale lucrative for us. A big thank you to Madeline, Bob and all of the Full of SurpriZes staff. 

Barbara S.


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October 2017

We have just completed our Tag Sale with Madeline and her team. From the outset it was obvious that Madeline was a consummate professional who had done this many times before. Her process was flawless and well rehearsed. All preparations went like clockwork and the sale went off as planned, despite a deluge on the day.

Following the completion of the sale, the reconciliation was conducted efficiently and with transparency. Needless to say, we did much better than projected with both happy buyers and sellers.

I would have no hesitation using 'Full of SurpriZes' again and would recommend Madeline Winn unconditionally.

Thank you, Madeline!

Gary G.

Lake Success

IMG_7108 (800x533).jpg

October 2017


I want you to know how happy Craig and I are with the results of our tag sale. By results, I am not simply referring to the funds the sale yielded. From every aspect of the sale, setting up the appointment, meeting you, your set up and ultimate managing of the details, you were amazingly professional, confident, and uniquely thorough. As I walked around the apartment before the sale, and viewed your staging of 50 years of stuff, how you priced the family items and how much care and thought went into the day, I welled up with tears. This was my childhood home, and to know that you gave it the care that only my brother or I could have done, reiterated for me what a wonderful caring person you are, how truly skilled you are, and moreover, you were the right person for the job. 

If I can ever be of assistance to you, or you need me for a reference, I would be proud to support you. 

Thanks again for all your help.

Marty L.

Great Neck 

 October 2017

We had a wonderful experience with Madeline Winn's Full of SurpriZes tag sale company. At first we were very hesitant to undergo this process but we had heard such rave reviews that we decided to try it. Madeline walked us through the entire process and was there every step of the way from set up, our many questions, sale and completion. The staff was excellent and the results far exceeded our expectation both financially and in the volume of furniture, kitchenware, clothing, etc. sold. And the best part was that all of this was done in one day! We were delighted with the results, professionalism and outcome would highly recommend Full of SurpriZes.

Lisa C.


Sept 2017

We recently became faced with the daunting and overwhelming task of closing down our New York home and relocating to Florida. This required us to deliver our home completely vacant. We were recommended to Madeline and Bob Winn and their company “Full of Surprizes”. The Winn’s and their competent staff prepared and organized our home for a fabulous TAG SALE. The professionalism of this event allowed us a most complete and successful experience. Almost all of our furniture and accessories were sold and removed within two days. This was a full service operation that included trucks and movers for the items purchased. We are so grateful for the services they provided and the peace of mind they afforded!

Sharon and Rubin P.


IMG_6226 (640x427).jpg

August 2017

Madeline and her team at Full of Surprizes made our one day estate sale, after 50 years of living in our house, a huge success. There is no doubt in my mind that you would be hard pressed to find a more courteous, intelligent professional to handle the sale of your precious belongings. But I must also comment on all the ways that Madeline went above and beyond what an estate sale organizer can be expected to do. First of all, her background in social work means she is very adept at handling the emotions involved, especially regarding the elderly. She also knows all sorts of people who can help with other aspects of cleaning up a home. We managed to donate over 2,500 books to a group that will get them to Africa, and we saved on the cleanup costs by working with a local charity that took the leftovers as donations. The day of the setup Madeline and her team worked diligently and efficiently to price and display everything, even enabling us to continue living in the house for a few more days. Despite torrential rains the day of our sale, turnout was incredible and we far exceeded our expectations, selling sterling, antiques, books, art, furniture, costume jewelry, linens and more. Madeline, Bob, Robin and all of their team deserve their reputation as the best estate sale people you could hope to find.

Alexandra M.

Great Neck

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August 2017

I truly did not know what to expect when it came to having an Estate sale, but I knew I Iiked Madeline from the first moment she came to my home.  Her team came to set up prior to the sale, they were organized and concise. Our two day sale went great, and my husband and I really loved her entire team, including her husband Bob! They all compliment each other, its obvious they love what they do. I was amazed to see they were on first name basis with many "regulars" that came.  I watched as they turned away very low offers and respected the integrity of my belongings.  All furniture pick ups were coordinated and she even had a wonderful trucker who did most of the deliveries for the customers that purchased.  Madeline and her team are truly an amazing find!

Aimee S.


2017-06-27 01.34.22 (640x427).jpg

July 2017

I just completed a very successful tag sale with Madeline and her team. They were friendly, hard-working and got the job done!!! In my initial appointment with Madeline, she promised that she would advertise the sale on many sites and that buyers would come and she delivered.  There was a constant and steady flow of people and the money collected exceeded my expectations.  She was responsive to my calls and texts and most importantly took great care of my home.  She also offered to connect me with a clean-out service, which I ultimately did not use.  However, I do think it would have been helpful.  Overall, this was an excellent experience and I highly recommend Madeline Winn.

Suzie A.

Roslyn Heights

2017-06-27 03.31.57 (640x427).jpg

 June 2017 

Our mother decided to make a life decision and relocate to CCRC and my brother, sister and I worked together to make this happen for her.  We took on the role of downsizing and relocating her.  After her move we were left with the big task on parting with a tremendous collection of one’s life accumulations.  We were referred to Madeline Winn of Full of Surprises from a friend whom had used her services in the past to help with this effort.  We cannot say enough about Madeline Winn, her husband and her staff at Full of Surprises.  From our first meeting to the Estate sale she worked very closely with us and guided us through this very challenging task every step of the way.  Everyone at her company was so friendly accommodating and we would like to offer a special thank you again to Donna for finding this one special item my mother was looking for.  It was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Dan M.


DSCF3935 (Small).JPG

June 2017

When it came to cleaning out my parents’ house, the smartest thing I did was hire Madeline Winn and her team at Full of Suprizes. From our first meeting, it was clear that Madeline would take care of our house and treat our belongings with care and respect. As I told her, I knew that my mother, had she been able, would have hired her as well. Madeline's professionalism carried over to her team, who did a brilliant job of setting up the house, which was filled to the brim with over 53-years of accumulated clothes, books, furniture, dishes, electronics, artwork, and curios. The sale itself went smoother than I could have hoped. And when I needed help coordinating movers and our final clean-out, Madeline was there with names, phone numbers, and advice. I cannot recommend Madeline and her team more highly. They made an impossible task possible. 

Ron G.

Great Neck

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May 2017

How stressful is moving!  What should I keep, what should I donate and what should I sell?  Once you’ve figured it out, you are now faced with where and how should I sell my things that once brought me happiness?  Well, for me it was an easy decision…Madeline from Full of Surprizes stood out from the many choices that are out there.  I’ve actually been to many tag sales over the years and I’ve always thought Madeline and her staff were both very professional and welcoming.  I’ve never felt intimidated and almost always managed to make a purchase with ease.  So when it was my turn to have a tag sale I didn’t hesitate to call Madeline and I’m very glad I did.  Madeline and her staff were efficient, professional and any question or concern was addressed promptly and I felt comfortable and confident the tag sale would run without any glitches…and it did!

Many thanks to Madeline, Bob, Robin, Rodica, Kathi, Sol and Donna

Always a happy customer and cheers!

Michele W.


IMG_2697 (Small).JPG

April 2017

I cannot say enough about Madeline Winn and her staff at Full of Surprises.  I recently engaged her services for an estate sale for my parents’ very large home they had occupied for over 50 years.  From our first meeting I was impressed.  She was organized, knowledgeable and professional.   The actual sale took place over two days with set up requiring an additional two days before the sale.  We had several meetings to discuss the sale, sign contracts and photograph the pieces for sale.  She knows her business and instilled in me the confidence that all would get done smoothly and go according to plan, and it did.   I highly recommend her to anyone in need of any of the services she offers.

Melissa S.


lwrnc hse shwrtz 4 21n23 (Small).jpg

March 2017

My tagsale with Madeline was fabulous. Our first day was cold, windy and pouring and it was mobbed. Madeline has a huge and trusted following because she gives fair prices, knows just how to communicate with the buyers and does a lot of research to make sure about the items. She is knowledgeable, smart and handles each one of her customers with respect. We were thrilled with the result. The sale was very orderly and her staff was lovely. Her advertising was extremely extensive as she had my pictures up weeks before the sale and they came from near and far. We could not be happier. Go with her! She was a delight to work with and stands out in this business.

Anne G.


2017-02-04 21.38.35 (Small).jpg

August 2016

Mission accomplished - an empty house, with no surprizes!

Thank you so much for all your help with the Estate sale at our parents house.  You are a true professional - your knowledge and advice was invaluable. Your staff was kind and efficient from beginning to end.
We truly appreciated your flexibility and guidance through the difficult decision making - and we couldn’t be happier with the results of the sale. The clean-out service you recommended was terrific as well. 

The whole process was smooth and easy - from our first meeting to the last item being sold!

Again, many thanks - you and Full of Surprizes are delightful to work with!

Jody & Dean W.

Old Westbury, NY

2016-06-12 17.54.50 (640x480).jpg

 July 2016 


June 2016
I contracted with FULL OF SURPRISES to handle a tag sale for my parents' home.  Wow is all I can say.  It was an emotional time and Madeline and her team were amazing.  They were organized, honest, transparent and upfront about the process, financial arrangements, and estimates on what they thought the sale would bring in.  I couldn't be happier.  I interviewed several firms and I am thrilled I went with Madeline at Full of Surprises. I usually don't like to recommend people, but I have no hesitation in recommending Full of Surprises and Madeline and her team.  
Kim S.
Dix Hills, NY
2016-05-02 03.59.09 (640x427).jpg

June 2016

"I was overwhelmed by the task of  emptying my late mother's house. There was a lifetime of possessions with memories attached. I started researching Estate Sales. Two friends highly recommended  Madeline Winn of Full of Surprises. Madeline and her staff made a difficult task painless. They were extremely efficient and professional.  Madeline sold more items than I even imagined possible. Full of Surprises is definitely the company to chose for an Estate sale!"

Beth D.

Old Westbury, NY

old west house 6 13n14 dnly.jpg

June 2016
"Everything went very well. Larry and his staff were so nice and professional. He's a great guy. Bruce picked up the piano and Robin is coming later today for the panettire. 
I'm closing today on my house and tomorrow on the condo. I'll be moving next Monday. 
I can't thank you enough for ALL that you did to make a very painful and emotional experience bearable! I will highly recommend you to anyone! 
Again, thank you and continued success with your business." 
Linda S.
Port Washington, NY
2016-05-10 03.37.22 (640x427).jpg

May 2016
Good morning Madeline. 
Just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for a successful sale. I would not be able to do this without your help. Regards from my husband. 
Joy B.
Dix Hills, NY
2016-04-08 01.11.00 (640x427).jpg

May 2016

Madeline was excellent. She took charge, really knows her stuff, is honest and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend her. It was a pleasure working with her (and her husband). You're very professional. Thank you again.

Donna W.

Syosset, NY

2016-04-10 21.56.51 (640x427).jpg


May 2016

Dear Madeline - Thank you so much for everything you did for our tag sale. From the moment I met you I felt cared for and listened to.  And - not by nature a particularly trusting person - I trusted you and your whole crew. You provided Tom and I with a real service, including recommending a great clean up crew. You turned what could have been a stressful time in to something very doable. 
Thanks, again. 

Veronica K.

Rockville Centre, NY


April 2016

My family was extremely happy with Madeline and her team at Full of Surprizes.  With my grandmother's full house to empty out before selling, and with all of her children and grandchildren working, and going about life spread out in different states, we found Madeline to be a surprising treasure, herself.  She took care of every detail over the phone, and maintained a professional, positive relationship throughout.  No challenge stopped her and she was always immediately available to answer any question.  She worked hard to provide us with an emptier house, and ended up saving us thousands when it came to the final clean out.  We are grateful to have found Full of Surprizes!


Great Neck, NY

IMG_4718 (640x427).jpg


January 2016

The experience we had with Madeline, Bob, Kathi and the rest of the crew of Full Of Surprizes was terrific. We did a tag sale yesterday in my parents house & I found them so professional & helpful. Everyone's attitude was: let's get this job done & get as much sold & out as possible. Madeline is willing to help in any way to facilitate a sale of any item, whether it needs to be picked up at a later time & the logistics. I wasn't sure I wanted the hassle of doing a tag sale, but meeting with Madeline the first time convinced me that she was the right person to go with. She put me at ease & made the whole experience; the set-up & the sale day as easy as possible. Madeline & Bob handle the crowds that come very professionally & I highly recommend them. Thank you Madeline!

Cheryl P.

Old Westbury, NY



January 2016

I just want to take this time to thank you so much for all the work you and your crew did for us, making sure our estate sale went smoothly. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable with their tasks. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for the right person to run an estate sale. You made me and my husband feel we were in good hands and didn't have to worry about anything. Once again, we both thank you for all you did.

Sherry F.
Lloyd Harbor, NY
2015-11-16 02.38.03 (640x427).jpg


We received this email from one of our clients that let us know that the photos that we post are sometimes even more helpful than we know....

"I was doing my daily walk holding my cell phone when I received an email notification about a tag sale. When I looked at the teeny, tiny picture, I immediately recognized my mother's crystal. All I had left was six wine glasses and did not know who made them or if I could ever replace them. I was so excited that my husband went to Little Neck at 7:30 AM to wait on line so he could purchase every glass they had. He scored a lot of points that day."

image for glass story 1.jpg
 ....so if you are looking for a hard to find, one of a kind, item.... Tag Sales are the place to go!

December 2015

Like  so many other "baby boomers"--that generation of nearly 80 million  Americans born between 1946 and 1964, I recently found myself at a critical and daunting turning point: Seeking a simpler, "downsized," more streamlined way of life, I moved from my six-bedroom LI home of three decades to a NYC apartment. What turned out to be a wonderfully positive life change was in large measure made possible--and surprisingly easy-- by Madeline and her stellar team at Full of Surprizes. Madeline is a veritable force of nature who seamlessly organized the process of finding suitable buyers for everything from pricey antiques and designer furniture to the tons of books and bric a brac I had accumulated throughout the years. I found her to be scrupulously trustworthy, reliable, and a consummate professional. Each and every member of her team was helpful, friendly and neat. Madeline's resources at every stage of the process (from removing electrical fixtures I was taking with me to the post-sale cleanout)  were equally invaluable. Her enormous following of regular sale-goers were all fine, lovely  people whom I was pleased to welcome into my home. An added dividend from this profitable sale was seeing how much people appreciated the items they were taking home with them. For these reasons, and so much more, I recommend Madeline and Full of Surprises without reservation or qualification.


Eve E.

Great Neck, NY 


December 2015

Madeline and her crew just completed a one day estate sale at my fathers 15,000 square foot home. They did a great job! From the first time I met with Madeline through the sale, I found her to be extremely detail oriented and organized,, following through as promised to make sure that the sale was a success. She secured the home and made sure no damage took place, researched items in the home and even met with the local police to make sure that parking would go smoothly. And everything went off as expected. We had a huge crowd on the sale day. Full of surprizes truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this company!

Anthony N.

Muttontown, NY

2015-11-23 18.30.08 (480x640).jpg


November 2015

I used full of Surprizes for a tag sale at my house in Roslyn . Madeline and her team were amazing. She came to my house to take pictures of all the stuff I was selling . She did all the advertising and setting up for the tag sale. They were extremely organized and helped to get the best prices for my items.  I made more money than I expected and the experience was extremely positive . I would highly recommend Madeline for anyone who wants to have a tag or estate sale. She also put me in contract with someone to remove the remaining items from my house .

Allison I.
Roslyn Estates, NY

2015-10-28 02.25.17 (640x427).jpg


November 2015

Madeline made an overwhelming task, during a very difficult time effortless. From the moment I met her, I could tell that she knew her business. She and her team were prompt, pleasant and organized.  She delivered everything promised and more. Despite the sale being midweek, there was enough traffic throughout the day.  When I contracted for the tag sale, I did not have any measure of comparison.....now Madeline has set the bar very high.  I highly recommend her if you need assistance in selling the contents of a home.

Linda G.

Jericho, NY

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October 2015

Having a tag sale in a home of 40 years is daunting. Madeline and her friendly and knowledgeable staff were so amazing. From our first visit I knew I had the right person. She has a positive attitude about everything.The sale was planned and organized like clockwork. Our home was secured, and the results were far more than we expected. They are professional and pleasant beyond description. Madeline never loses her cool, even when she is being asked questions from 10 people at the same time. She gets the job well done. Thanks for everything!

Bette and Joel N

Roslyn Harbor, NY

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October 2015

I was the lucky recipient of contact information for Full of Surprizes to work with for an Estate Sale that I needed to have. After experiencing loss and needing to move from my home, rather quickly, getting the opportunity to work with Madeline Winn and her extraordinary staff was a blessing.  The process of letting go is not
easy under normal circumstances, but especially hard after recently losing my husband.  They made the whole experience, simple, positive and lucrative. Even the post sale was easy as they held my hand the whole way and arranged the rest of the items that did not sell to be donated.  They had the answers to all of my questions and more.

If you are in need of a move for any reason, I recommend Full of Surprizes for their compassion, business savvy, integrity and ability to sell meaningful and special items from my home.

Sue K
Merrick, NY

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August 2015

To Madeline,Bob and the staff at Full Of Surprizes,

Selling a home is emotional and stressful enough.

Having a tag sale and allowing strangers to come in and rummage through your personal items is difficult and final!

From the moment I met Madeline, I knew I was in the hands of a calming professional who was organized and knew how to have a successful tag sale.

The staff tagged my items, monitored the 2 day event and disbursed all monies accurately.  I could not have been more pleased with the final outcome.

Even once the tag sale was over, Madeline had calls coming in over the next few days and was able to sell more items.

It truly was a "Surprize" to meet such a gem at a time that was overwhelming.

Thank you to Madeline,Bob and staff!!

Eileen and Dean L



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 August 2015

Madeline Winn and her staff at Full of Surprizes just completed a sale for me.  It was imperative that I was able to remove every item I had in my home for 27 years! That’s a lot of items but my major concern was to get everything out with no damage to my home. I had to go to closing today.  Not only did she do it, she was calm, thoughtful and demonstrated leadership qualities that I rarely see any more.  Without Madeline and her staff's tremendous help, this task could never have been completed! Full of Suprizes is wonderful, highly professional and above all honest!  They know their stuff and I will recommend their services at any time.  
Thank you Madeline!!!!  
Sheryl K
Centerport, NY
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August 2015

Dear Madeline,

We wish to extend great thanks to you, and your crew, for your “performance” during our Tag Sale. We are writing this note after the completion of our two day midweek Tag Sale. We felt like our house was energized with your business model and personal professionalism. Thank you for a job well done! We are especially aware of the deep network of contacts and real buyers that turned out. These folks knew what they were about and proceeded to create a great sale for us. When the doors opened at 10am on a Wednesday there were more than 80 people lined up patiently and respectfully at our front yard. It got better from there. Madeline and her team are experts at crowd control and point of purchase negotiations. The contents disappeared quickly and steadily for two full working days. But, a special shout-out has to come with the way they interacted with the buyers towards the very end of the sale. Sort of like going the extra mile at full speed…to get it done. Finally, special mention has to be given to the cleanup crew..spotless. It’s Madeline’s relationships that put you in the hands of people that return your home to total cleanliness.

Thank you.

Michael & Barbara P. 

Lloyd Harbor, New York

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June 2015

Dear Madeline, 

Just a note to thank you for a very successful tag sale this past week end. Your professionalism, listening skills and organization of both the big picture as well as the details paid off. The Full of Surprizes team, Bob, Robin 1 and 2 , Kathy, Rodi, Lillian, and Marla were extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and hard working. We were impressed with the expertise in art, and jewelry from Rodi and Lillian respectively.  And it never hurts to have a CPA at the end of the day to balance the sheets. When you all left it felt as if we had been friends forever not new acquaintances. You are a tenacious business person. We can't say enough good things about the experience and are still amazed that you and your team sold everything from cars (yes 3 cars) to hammers. Art, clothing, jewelry, rugs, furniture as well as generators, snow blowers, power washers, lawn and garden furniture, potters and a hundred other items of all shapes and sizes!  We are pleased with both the process and final result, and would encourage anyone thinking tag sale contact you. Your long list of contacts and long term relationships really showed as hundreds of buyers showed up in only two days. Thank you.


All the Best

Paul and Michella R.

Huntington, NY

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May, 2015

Hi Madeline, 

We were so happy with the estate sale and so appreciate the hard work of you and your staff!  The pleasure was ours and we will certainly recommend Full of Surprizes to those needing tag sales!  What an exciting year ahead!

K. Gunderman

Lloyd Neck, NY      

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 May, 2015

 Hi Madeline and team,

Just wanted to thank you for a great tag sale. You delivered everything you promised. It's not easy dealing with as many people as you do and you did a remarkable job.  The crowd was great and I was glad they were respectful to the home and property too.  You really bring in a crowd that likes to shop and buy. You did a great job in running everything and knew how to handle the sale in all the right ways.  Thanks for the professional job and wishing you good luck for the future.

Jackie H, 

Lake Success, NY  

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November 2014

Hi Madeline - Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving Weekend... Wanted to thank you again for a very successful Tag Sale- Our buyer came over on Sat and bought the one sectional that didn't sell at the TS. Can't believe how much sold! ....busy packing up and will be out on the 15th....Thank you again. You & your staff were all so professional and a pleasure to work with....Nice to have met you & your husband... All the best this Holiday Season...

Maureen N, 
Lloyds Neck 


November 2, 2014

The sale of the Mid-century contents of this home and Baby Grand Piano, plus the donation and cleanout of the remaining contents of the home all took place from a distance, as the family lives in Seattle Washington


You have been wonderful to work with: a balance of warmth and understanding plus a professional pragmatism that made a complicated and emotional year and a half much easier to contend with. Thank you for everything!

I've sent a donation to The Inn in your honor as a thank you for your work with us, you should probably hear from them soon.



October 14, 2014

My husband and I used Full of Surprizes for a 2 day estate sale at our home a few days before a move out of state. Needless to say we were very nervous about being able to sell out the entire contents of our home in 3 days!!! Madeline and her crew were amazing! Not only was she reassuring and confident in her abilities to complete the process she was there for us every step of the way. I couldn't believe how many people showed up at my home! She sold the majority of my furniture in one day! By the second day most of the contents of my house was sold and picked up! She even arranged for a clean out company to come to my home on a Sunday to clean out the rest!!! I don't know what we would have done without her. She is professional, honest, reliable, pleasant and an absolute sweetheart to work with! Thank you Madeline!!!!

Connie, Upper Brookville


September 6th, 2014

To Whom It May Concern (At Daniel Gale), 

This is a letter of recommendation for anyone looking for “Tag Sale” services. I highly recommend Madeline Winn at “Full Of Surprises”. I recently had her assistance at my own tag sale and can not say enough good things about my experience. Madeline is always at your disposal for any questions or concerns. She is extremely organized and very experienced! I am including her contact info for your convenience. Please call me for further notes on my fabulous experience.
Many Thanks,
Cynthia, Cold Spring Harbor



July 19, 2014

I wholeheartedly recommend Full of Surprizes Tag Sales.  Madeline and her crew were pleasure to work with, both professional and nice.  From the beginning, Madeline took control of what felt like an overwhelming process.  She audited everything in the household, told us what the potential values were, helped us prepare ourselves, priced and organized our goods, and advertised the sale.  On the big day, there was a line outside before we even opened, and the action didn't stop until closing time.  When it was all over, each of us walked away with our fair share and we breathed a huge sign of relief.
George S., Douglaston Manor



July 15, 2014

You can use me as an enthusiastic referral as often as you like. The clean out guy came yesterday and was there from 4-8:30. I was so relieved to have it done on Sunday when we were able to be there. I was able to make sure none of the items that had been sold were removed. It really went a long way to calming me down with this entire process. You did a fantastic job!
Dot R., Upper Brookville



May 24, 2014

I just finished a tag sale that was conducted by Madeline and her staff of Full of Surprizes Estate & Tag Sale.  I had heard horror stories about these type of sales but I did my research in advance and found them highly recommended from several real estate brokers that I know.

They came several days in advance and totally arranged everything I had for sale in a way that would show well for marketing purposes.  I got home from work and I was amazed, they even brought in extra display tables and small items cases to display the goods properly.  The house was full of tags that said "for sale" with the price, "not for sale" for items that I obviously was not selling, "watch your step" signs where appropriate and so on.  Everything had a price on it that I as the homeowner could see and approve of.

The sale lasted for 2 days and Madeline and her crew, yes crew were everywhere.  Not one person was roaming around the house where they shouldn't have been.  The customers questions were answered promptly and the sales flowed.  As merchandise sold, the "crew" would adjust the displays so they always looked inviting to potential customers and constantly were moving things around the house to see what would sell best where.

Needless to say, FSETS and Madeline met all of my expectations and made this stressful part of a move that much easier.

YES, I recommend Full of Suprizes Estate & Tag Sales (FSETS).
Evan K. – Muttontown, NY



April 21, 2013

Prior to moving, I employed Full of Surprizes to assist me  with the sale of my home furnishings.  Madeline came to the house and did a thorough walk-through with me.   She was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and professional.  In addition, she was very honest and on point about pricing.  All of my questions and concerns were addressed and we were in touch through every step of the sale.   This even included moving items out after purchase (e.g. baby grand piano,  sectional sofas, bedrooom furniture, artwork, area rugs, etc.).   Moving can be very stressful and she proved to be an excellent resource to get the job done.  I was very pleased with Full of Surprizes and highly recommend them.

Deb L.



March 9, 2013

Thank you so much for all of your help. You and your staff are wonderful -- professional, knowledgeable and hard working, but also very thoughtful, sensitive and friendly. You made a difficult process easy. Also, thank you for saving the weaving I so wanted. Again, thank you so much!

Best, Sandra



August 29, 2012

What a treasure! My father lived in the house 40 years and threw nothing away. After his death, I contacted Madeline Winn to run the estate sale, donate the balance to charity and leave the house "broom clean" for the new buyer. She was absolutely fabulous and everything was accomplished as promised. Make Full of Surprizes and Madeline Winn your first stop. Thank you, Madeline.




May 26, 2012

Dear Madeline,

You can well imagine how difficult it is to dismantle a home and to arrange for a Tag Sale. You were highly recommended to me and you exceeded all my expectations. Working with you, I developed great respect for you honesty and integrity.  After explaining the process and identifying all the safeguards that you provide, I was confident that I was in good hands.

Your pleasant personality and sensitivity portrayed the benefits of a trained social worker. You could ease the anxiety that I was experiencing while always remaining focused on what needed to be done.

Few are the individuals in this line of work who enjoy your fine reputation with both buyers and dealers. In addition to the long lines of buyers that came because your name was associated with the sale, many dealers came because they trusted you and had confidence in the manner in which you do business.

To my amazement, the proceeds of the sale were considerable, another tribute to your many talents. I thank you most sincerely for your efforts in my behalf. I wish you all that is good in life as you continue to provide this fine service.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Mildred David



May 17, 2012

Letter of recommendation for Madeline Winn:

I must tell you that if you are reading this then you are about to make the best choice.

My mother needed to move from her house of 56 years to another state to be by her children. This was not an easy decision and was very traumatic for her. My husband and I flew to NY to interview different companies that could help us with an estate sale. After many interviews and feeling very depressed, we got a name of a person that had been recommended by a friend of a relative. Feeling we had nothing to lose we contacted that person, THANK GOD it was Madeline!!!

Madeline was very busy but made time to meet with us. We knew instantly that she was the one that we could trust. She was compassionate to my mother and realistic in her estimates of what we could expect from the sale.

Madeline has a great following and keeps them all in check. She runs things with creativity, honesty, a matter of fact attitude and style. Madeline was able to help us have the sale, empty and clean the house in 3 days. We also ended up making more money for the sale than we had hoped.

I highly recommend Madeline's service to anyone as I am confident she is the only one you would be happy with. I would say good luck to you with your sale....but with Madeline, you won't need luck.

Barb and Charlie Lish from Colorado



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